December 5th, 2010

Intro to my new project called SpeedyRSS

Cannot choose RSS client in Ubuntu? I use Liferea, but it is slow and it is for many distros, so there are missing ubuntu specific functions. I try explain my idea and I hope, there will be alpha after xmass holidays. Sorry for delay, but school eats me time…

I decided to start write RSS readed instead Android application, because I don’t have phone yet. So this reader should be simple as possible and Ubuntu friendly.


There is a lot of readers like Liferea (in my opinion the best for Ubuntu), Blam!, Akregator, so forth. All stores excerpt or whole article (a lot of data to cache, maybe images). My will be only link agregator, that means it will store only title, date, link and thats all. I think it could be pretty fast. I don’t know any person, who reads articles in reader, majority reads it in browser (my little survey).

Quick mockup of SpeedyRSS client

Client & daemon

Program will consist from two parts, daemon and client.

Daemon will handle downloading feeds, storing, updating and so on. There will be interface to communicate with it over DBus, so you can write own client, or integrate it in your programs.

Client will handle notifications browsing, querying daemon for searches. It will support indicator-applet properly (not like others). Also I want take maximum advantage of NotifyOSD and Unity interface. Also Gwibber will be integrated, maybe Zeitgeist.

Architecture of SpeedyRSS


  • fastest startup, under 5 seconds (at me Liferea starts about 15 sec.)
  • real-time searching
  • low memory usage
  • easy as possible
  • listen to users (so you can propose some improvements)


I will write it in Vala. It will use SQLite as database system, but in future I plan replace it with couchdb (Ubuntu One synchronization will be possible), unfortunately binding for vala doesn’t work now (I have to use SQLite). Of course, as Ubuntu friendly application, it will use Gtk.

It will be released under GPL.

Let’s code.

Detect language » Slovak

Detect language » Slovak

Detect language » Slovak

2 Responses to “Intro to my new project called SpeedyRSS”

Author: Tom

If you need help, publish it and I will help you. I think this is quite good project.

Author: admin

Hi, hmm, I should implement some email notifications for comments :-D

okey, I know I am horrible in planning, I have done only Server side (about 70%) and now I am struggling with client and Gtk (which is pretty new for me)

you can contact me over gtalk or jabber (,

Client still sucks, check my twitter for new image

Thanks, and I don’t think it is good project, I do it for my personal usage and if it works well I will publish it

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