August 9th, 2011

Current status of SpeedyRSS

A lot of time has gone, since I have posted about project called SpeedyRSS. Now I hope, I will be able to post at least one report per month. After end of school I wrote first “working” build. And also I have designed new logo. So follow my twitter for real-time updates about state of development.

Revamped logo

Logo will be edited to monochrome style.

I have little problem with how it looks in unity panel, but I have reported bug. I think the cause is that, app has no .desktop file nowadays.

Changes in architecture

It still consists from two parts service and client.


  • Fetching feeds from web
  • Storing data (but not favicons, becasue of Gdk deps)
  • XML parsing
  • Using Sqlite database (quick)


  • Displaying feeds and articles (called items)
  • Real-time search
  • Fetching favicons, storing and scaling them
  • Settings

Preview of current state

Service is almost done, but in client there is a huge amount of work. In end of August I am going to publish working PPA for Oneiric.

Next week I will post roadmap for this project.

Implemented functions

  • adding feeds via command “./client –add http://feedlink”
  • displaying feeds and items
  • opening them in default browser and selecting them as read
  • removing feed
  • fetching update (problem with displaying, but I am working on it, and I am new in Gtk)
  • sorting by date (there will be probably no other sorting options)
  • favicons are static (will be bigger and anti-aliased – some webs have 16×16 size)

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